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  • Week. 2016-06-25 15:12:11
    AP isolation, what role does it play?
    Administrator reply
    AP isolation refers to the open, the connection of the computer can not access each other, play a role in isolation, to protect the security of different users! AP isolation is very similar to the wired network of VLAN (virtual local area network), will be completely isolated from all the wireless client devices, so that the client can only access the fixed network AP access. The measure is very suitable for large conference rooms, hotels, airports and other public places wireless network construction, so that each access wireless client to maintain isolation between each other, to provide a more secure access to each other. Enterprise users can use this method to enhance the security of wireless network in some special occasions. For example, there are customers or outside the unit staff to participate in public events such as meetings. The method is used for the installation of public hotspots such as hotels and airports, Spot Hot, so that access to the wireless client to maintain isolation, providing security Internet access.

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